It's time to add to my list of the Best Tejano Albums of all time. My first write-up was about the live album from Mazz. "Una Noche Juntos: Live.' was recorded at Rosedale Park back in the '90s and is absolutely EPIC.  I then wrote about Ricard Castillon Y La Diferenzia's self-titled album that featured some of Ricardo's biggest hits.  Now it's time to add to the list.
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David Lee Garza's 'Con El Tiempo' album is absolutely legendary.  The track listing is unreal and features my personal favorite DLG song of all time, 'Que Tristeza.' While I consider the voice of Marcos Oroscos the most recognizable with DLG. Jay and David Lee made so many legendary hits that live to this day.  BTW David Lee Garza's album 1392 is the second-best album from DLG, but just barely. That album features one of the most epic starts to any Tejano song with 'Hasta Cuando'
Check out the track listing for CON EL TIEMPO

1 Poquito A Poco
2 Farolito
3 Amor De Madrugada
4 Ando En Busca De Un Amor
5 Noche De Miel
6 Gran Desconsuelo
7 Que Tristeza
8 Me Castigan Tus Ojos
9 Mujer Liberada
10 Con El Tiempo

Check out the track listing for 1392

1 Lo De Nosotros Se Acabo
2 Paloma Sin Nidal
3 Te Has Ido De Mi
4 She's Not Alone
5 Hasta Cuando
6 Yo Respete
7 Caballo Alazan Lucero
8 No Te Quiero En Mi Vida
9 Un Eternidad
10 He Tratado Olvidarte

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