I don't think I've ever come across such a great sports story as that of Jeremy Lin. 

Tim Tebow?  No way.  He was a Five Star prospect in High School.  The first Sophomore to ever win the Heisman Trophy and a Two-Time National Champion, while playing for the Florida Gators.  Then became a First round Draft Pick.  He has battled a lot of doubters, but it's hardly a Cinderella story.

The only one even remotely comparable is Kurt Warner.  The former Super Bowl winning QB was bagging groceries before getting a crack at Pro-Football. 

But this is insanity.  Make that Lin-sanity.

Jeremy Lin was california's High School player of the year thoughBut he wasn't even offered a scholarship to a "real" basketball school.  He ended up playing at Harvard, of all places, Where he was really good.  But still...nobody drafted him.

He made two NBA practice squad, only to be cut from both teams after only ten days. 

So nobody saw his meteoric rise to stardom coming, right?


Click the link below to read a really cool article about a man who predicted Jeremy Lin might be an NBA star, despite him not being drafted!

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