This fall we've been teased by cooler weather.  This weekend it happens again.  Cool nights and beautiful days.  Of course, we'll need the front to roll through kick things off and it will Thursday (11-11) with a 30 percent chance of morning showers.  The high will be around 77- nice!  And then, on Friday (11-12) things drop from there. The high will be 80 - but the low a chilly 52. On Saturday (11-13) it'll be a beautiful day sunny and 71.  However, on Saturday night throw an extra log on the fire as the crossroads hits a cool 47. Sunday is pretty much a repeat of Saturday with the low hitting 49.  I know it's not freezing, but we'll take what we can get.  Enjoy it while you can, as we've seen recently, the warm up is right around the corner.

Being a family man who always looks for fun things to's a few things I recommend for the cooler weekend...

FIREPIT - Always nice to have to sit outside and enjoy the coolness - and time to break out the s'more kit.  If you don't have one - most stores actually sell everything you need in one box.  Hot dogs are good too. If you don't have a fire pit - make one or they are getting cheaper and cheaper at hardware stores - at least the ones I'm looking at.

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FAMILY OUTDOOR MOVIE NIGHT - Get out the projector and grab the old sheets and play a family film. WARNING - Hot Chocolate is a must - if you don't plan on taking the time to prepare it - don't have the movie night...and parents - an Irish coffee will do the trick too.

CAMPING - If you are really brave - and love the cold...

Whatever you do - have fun and be safe!

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