The Joy of Jeeps

Jeep owners know there's nothing like taking the top and the doors off your ride to head out and enjoy a sunny weekend in Texas. When I got my Wrangler last spring one of the first things I did was take it to see my nephews over in Alabama so that we could do just that over at Oak Mountain State Park which is a pretty neat place over in Birmingham.

TSM W.Adams

'Go Topless' Doesn't Mean Go Nuts

This past weekend was a chance for Texans to head to Galveston's Bolivar Peninsula for exactly that kind of fun. Go Topless Jeep Weekend is an annual event that brings in Jeep owners from all over the state ready to take their vehicles down to the sand for late spring and early summer fun.

Unfortunately for some, the fun gets a little out of control and leads to a run-in with Galveston County's finest. Sources throughout South Texas report that there were over 200 arrests made over the big weekend, with over 100 arrests made between 6 p.m. on Saturday night at 6 a.m. Sunday morning. In all, about 130 people were arrested on the peninsula with another 70 or so nearby.

A Very Busy Sheriff's Office

The Galveston County Sheriff released a report to the media saying there were 9 DUI arrests and lots and lots of public intoxication misdemeanors. It almost becomes entertainment to read about Go Topless Jeep Weekend each year to see if the fallout is greater or less than the previous year. While the arrests are up in 2021, at least there were no reports of violence this year following two separate shootings during last year's weekend in 2020.

The event grew in size throughout the 90s and is now such a big weekend for crowds that the Galveston Sheriff's office actually gets additional funds from county commissioners to bring in other groups to help with safety and security. This year an additional 60 deputies and 15 DPS troopers joined the security forces on the Peninsula

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