Election Day is right around the corner and politics are in full force. This past Saturday the Victoria County Republican Party along with other supporters, gathered for a vehicular rally to support the current President. According to the Victoria Advocate, there were about 230 vehicles that showed their support Saturday morning. Supporters started at the Victoria Community Center and proceeded along a 20-mile route around town.

Personally, I was not notified about this parade until I found myself entangled in between an entire flock of giant lifted trucked with flags bigger than my entire body. I have to say I was caught a little off guard, after all, it was early in the morning and I was just trying to get a nice Saturday morning breakfast taco. Instead, I unintentionally tagged along the "Trump Train"

Parades like that are not the first to appear. These have been popping up on land and sea, Even Rockport had a boat parade a few weeks ago, with owners showing their political affiliations as they soar through the waves along the beach.

Last weekend the Republicans gathered to show their support for this coming Election Day by organizing their Trump Train parade. This weekend Democrats in the Crossroads are also gathering to show their support of their political choice. They will be Ridin’ with Biden this weekend.

Many people are pumped up and showing their support this year. So do not forget to exercise your right and get out and vote! Early voting has already started in Texas and we posted earlier this month with some information on how to get that started.

If you don't plan on voting early, be sure to make it to the polls on Election Day, Tuesday, November 3rd. Victoria County has a few locations, you can check out here.

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