In January of 1929, an artist named Elzie Crisler Segar developed a comic strip called "Thimble Theater" which featured a character named Popeye.  Popeye was a one-eyed, 34-year-old (born in a typhoon in Santa Monica, California), semi-deformed-looking sailor with a severe speech impediment.  The Popeye character quickly became so popular, the strip was re-christened Thimble Theater Starring Popeye and then later just called Popeye, the same title it carries to this day. 

The first paper to pick up the comic was none other than the Victoria Advocate.  On January 17, 1929 Popeye debuted in print in our own Advocate.  So technically you can say Popeye's hometown is right here in the Crossroads.

And you thought we were only known for our bad drivers...

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