A couple of weeks ago, Ramon Ayala fainted while he was performing on stage in Hidalgo, Texas.  A couple of days later,  Ramon Ayala posted a video to his Facebook account, reassuring his fans that he is ok! "Everything is fine, I am very well in health." he adds 'we are waiting for our next show so we can tell people that there is still a lot of Ramon Ayala, forever. Thank you.' See the video below.

He is absolutely fine!  This past weekend, Ramon Ayala Y Los Bravos del Norte closed out the Tejano Explosion at Fiesta San Antonio. In a TikTok video posted by Jose Ayala Jr, You see a seated Ramon Ayala performing in front of a sea of fans in San Antonio performing his massive hit 'La Rama del Mesquite'.  The show will go on. Check out the video

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Ramon Ayala is so legendary, that he can sit while performing and send the crowd into a frenzy! I mean, you can feel the energy just from watching the video.  There is only one other artist that I can put into this category and that is George Strait. George basically just stands there while he plays and sings his many legendary hits.  Ayala will continue touring this year throughout the United States. How long has it been since he has performed in Victoria? Have you ever seen Ramon live? Let us know in the comments of this Facebook status.

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