Preston Simpson, a 2-year-old Rockport native, is currently recovering at Driscoll Children’s Hospital after he was injured in an ATV accident on Tuesday.

Preston was riding on an ATV with his mother when he suddenly pressed the accelerator, causing his mother to lose hold and fall from the vehicle. While still in motion, Simpson struck a tree, experiencing some head trauma. Preston was airlifted via HALO-flight to Driscoll Children’s Hospital where he is in critical condition. The Rockport Police Department says that the incident was nothing but a tragic accident.

A word from Preston’s father, Tyson Simpson,  on his son’s condition, stated, “Hopefully, within the next two weeks, he’s in a different room. [He] is kind of awake and we’re doing physical therapy, but right now he’s still in critical condition and we just got to trust God that everything will come together.”

This is easily a hard time to navigate through and Preston’s father says faith is the only thing getting his family through this dark time. He has said that with hope and prayer, his son will return back to normal and be the fun-loving kid he once was before.

“We got to do whatever we got to do to get Preston back to where he was before this happened, he needs as much support as he can get, we are there for him 24/7.”

The Simpson’s family has started a gofundme for their son to help cover medical expenses and you can view more information here.

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