Two great Texas companies coming together sounds like an amazing thing but it looks like a big social media hoax.

Just another instance of don't believe everything you see on the internet. I have seen a lot of people sharing this photo in the last day of Shiner Whatabeer. Whataburger is only missing beer. If we could somehow get that while enjoying a burger. Looks like you will still have to get your Whataburger to-go and then get your beer elsewhere.

From what I have seen, this photo started on a Reddit post. Someone posted on the Texas page, can't wait for this collaboration. Of course, Texans ate it up like crazy sharing it everywhere. Considering the fact it was posted 24 hours ago, pretty impressive.

I gave a call to the people who would have any idea on if this is real or not, Shiner. Their brewery has no idea on any Whataburger beer being made and they said this is not a real thing. Damn, but look at this way. If they get a lot of press about it, maybe they will consider it one day. I would love to try it.

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