If you have ever been to historic Market Square in San Antonio, there is a good chance that you have seen the 'Mexican Elvis' walking around. This man became a legend in San Antonio. As reported by mysanantonio.com, the brother of the Hispanic Elvis,' George Cisneros, confirmed that many social media posts were true. That Hispanic Elvis had died. Cisneros, was understandably upset, he says he learned about his loved one's passing through social media before his family was able to connect or confirm the news.

Just last week, we learned that Hispanic Elvis was in hospice care.  Mi Tierra Restaurant posted a tribute to him. "He's been an iconic figure in our restaurants and an important part of the cultural fabric of Market Square,"  Soon after the news of the death was shared, the city of San Antonio reacted by sharing their childhood memories, photos, and times they saw Hispanic Elvis dining at Mi Tierra, where he was often seen greeting guests and performing.

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Now Social media has taken over, I have seen many people post pictures and videos of their encounters with the legendary 'Mexican Elvis.' Did you ever run into the Mexican Elvis at Market Square? If so, share those pictures and videos in the comments of this Facebook status!

One Facebook post read...

Al Ortiz wrote:

I’ve always looked forward to seeing MEXICAN ELVIS, HISPANIC ELVIS, FIESTA ELVIS, and all the other cool names he had.

I have so many pics and remember my kids taking pics with him and just staring like he was famous!
Well in SA, he is FAMOUS and has made so many of us laugh and smile.


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