As many people were out enjoying a nice movie for the evening at the Santikos Palladium in San Antonio, there was chaos afoot. Around 11 pm Saturday, June 5th, a woman was stabbed inside the enormous and busy San Antonio movie theatre.

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Amazing World, Bad Crimes

It must have been terrifying for those in the theatre who learned of the horrific crime while they were there themselves. You always have those little fears in the back of your mind when going into secluded places with strangers. We live in an amazing world; bad things just happen.

The woman was identified as 32-year-old Sydney Bosworth. According to MSN, the woman was actually at the movie theatres with San Antonio Spurs player Jakob Poeltl. Apparently, Bosworth was attacked as she was in the hallway when she was alone.
How incredibly scary how a night out could turn into something so life-changing. According to KENS5, Bosworth was taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition; thankfully, she is now in a stable condition.

Ruling Out Suspects

The San Antonio Police Department has released surveillance footage from the night at the movie theatre to help identify a potential suspect. Initially, two men needed to be identified, but the man with the red hat has been identified and ruled out from the case.

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KENS5 released a statement from a customer who was at the theatre during the attack. Jose Bouquette explained what he saw during the incident, “I realized I’m the only person at like the Icee snack bar machine area, and I start looking around, and basically you see a bunch of police officers running in."

How Could This Happen in Public?

After receiving a call, the police rushed into the scene, but the whole situation still has me wondering, how could something so brutal go unnoticed at first? If she was stabbed and the suspect got away, how is that possible in such a social place like a movie theatre? The hallway the suspect can be seen running from looked relatively empty.

attachment-KSAT 12 via Youtube

The video posted on the SAPD Twitter account shows the suspect in a blue shirt walking down a hallway, turning a sharp corner, then running out and ultimately away from the scene. No witnesses could be found, but the surveillance tapes offer some insight.

Contact SAPD with Any Information

Police urge the public to contact detectives on the case at 210-207-7635 or 210-207-7737 if you can identify the man in blue or have any tips or information that could help solve the case.

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