If you noticed this morning that the school zone flashing lights were on this morning warning you to slow down, then you know VISD schools are back in session. That means paying more attention while driving, slowing down in school zones, and staying off those cell phones.

Victoria Police are making extra patrols watching out for people who aren't paying attention, driving too fast or any other traffic hazard in an effort to keep our kids safe so, please pay attention.

School zones are in effect from 7:3- to 8:30 each morning and after school times vary so, watch the signs or te zone blinking lights. Even when it's before or after those times, be extra cautious because kids may still be nearby.

Remember to watch out for school buses too, and remember to stop when they stop and have their blinking lights on both sides of the street. This year too, Victoria police have the 'Lights On, Lamps On' campaign, which asks drivers to turn on your hazard lights when you see a school but with lights flashing and the stop sign out.

Let's make sure our kids are safe to and from school this year!

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