There was a time when a person would do just about anything in order to make ends meet. However, even with the unemployment rate dangling somewhere around 8 percent, many companies claim that they cannot find enough help to staff their operations.

Just last week, UPS Inc. said they still had about 200 positions, paying $8.50 per hour, needing to be filled in Louisville, Kentucky. In the meantime, companies like eBay subsidiary GSI commerce and Amazon are also hiring in the area, offering workers the potential to earn between $9.25 and $12 an hour to assist them in their packing and shipping departments.

Career experts say the reason so many jobs are left unfilled is because the work is temporary and highly competitive this time of year. Most people seem to be searching for long-term employment that comes with a benefits package and some level of security.

However, the unemployed might be acting too prudishly, as a recent career survey discovered that nearly 40 percent of all employers that hire seasonal help plan to offer some of those people full-time work—that’s 30 percent more than last year.

Experts say workers should treat a temporary job as an audition and utilize their time with the company to showcase just how good of a permanent employee they could be.


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