What a surprise to receive at your front door! According to KSAT 12 and Kelsey Burkhalter Golden, her son Barrett took her phone and placed an order with DoorDash without her knowledge. What was the order? 31 Cheesegrugers! Article, Kelsey tells KSAT 12, "My son was playing with my phone, I thought he was taking pictures but when I looked back on my thing it was ordered at the time he was playing with my phone," Golden said.


However, mom was not upset. She proceeded to use this as an act of kindness in her community of Kingsville, Texas. She posted to Facebook to give the burgers away to anyone who wanted them and ended up receiving some responses. What a cute story with a heartwarming ending.

Can a School Legally Charge You to Get Your Kids Phone Back?

According to the Education Code in Texas, code 37.082 to be exact. A school may legally charge you up to the maximum of $15 to get your child's phone back. However, this only can be executed IF the school has already adopted a policy that was adopted by the school board. This means you should be able to find this policy in print somewhere. Trustees of the school board can pass this!  This informational video can be found on @texaschancla's TikTok page. One of the Tiktok comments asked, does the school have to pay for my kid's devices if it breaks while under the school's possession? He is going to post his video response today.


@texaschancla Replying to @dude with a gf Is it legal for a school to charge a fee for confiscated cell phones? #texas #lawyer #school #backtoschool #teacher ♬ Blade Runner 2049 - Synthwave Goose

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