Conserving water doesn't sound glamourous or something we'd normally talk about on our stations, but when the City of Victoria issues a warning for their Stage One Drought Contingency Plan in the middle of June, we pay attention and know our community needs to be informed as well. When Drought Contingency Plans go into effect, it means the river we depend on in our community, the great Guadalupe, is lower than normal and we need to work together to keep water usage at a minimal. When a Stage One is initiated, it means Victoria must limit its pumping to no more than 10% of the river flow. Stage One Drought Contingency will go into effect this Thursday, June 18th. This gives all of some time to ponder and put into practice water conservation for the benefit of our community. Here is a list of ways we can come together to conserve straight from the City of Victoria website.

Water conservation practices include such measures as:

  1. Learn to know when your lawn needs watering. Water the lawn only when it is necessary. If it has turned a dull gray-green or if footprints remain visible, it is time to water.
  2. Water the lawn early in the morning and late in the evening to avoid unnecessary evaporative loss.
  3. Use a sprinkler that produces large drops of water, rather than a fine mist, to avoid evaporation.
  4. To avoid evaporation, turn soaker hoses so the holes are on the bottom.
  5. Water slowly for better absorption and never water on windy days.
  6. Avoid watering the street, sidewalks or driveways.
  7. Do not water too frequently. Too much water can overload the soil so that air cannot get to the roots, which can lead to diseases in plants.
  8. Do not over-water. Soil can absorb only so much moisture, and the rest simply runs off.  An inch of water applied once a week, will keep most Texas grasses alive and healthy.
  9. Raise the cutting height on your lawnmower. The longer blades of grass will provide shade for the root system and make the turf more drought-resistant.

"The City will remain in Stage One of its Drought Contingency Plan until the flow of the Guadalupe River rises to a normal level for 14 consecutive days or until the river level falls to its minimum level for this time of the year, which would cause the City to enter Stage 2 of its Drought Contingency Plan."

For more information, visit the City of Victoria’s website at or contact Public Works at 361-485-3381.

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