It's Sunday, the day of Super Bowl LIII...yea I had to google it's 53! The Rams and The Pats are going toe-to-toe. Although I'm a Texans Fan, I can't wait to see the outcome. Every year, the family piles into our living room, stacked with my signature SnackFest! A table lined with artichoke dip, pizza, ranch dip, shrimp cocktail, cream puffs, cookies, chips, hot wings, and the best croissant ring chicken salad sandwiches! Though not all of our family enjoys football, they do come out for the fun, food, halftime show, and of course the hilarious commercials.

Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

So, let's do a breakdown. This is the 3rd consecutive year The Pats have been to the Super Bowl, and The Rams...well, they haven't been to the Super Bowl since 2002. The matchup was against the Pats, so, I know they don't want a repeat, because they lost that game. Now, the The Pats won their last Super Bowl in 2017, but it's been since 2000 that The Rams claimed the title of Super Bowl Champs.
I have to say I'm rooting for the Rams even though I think the Saints should have won that match up leading up to the Super Bowl...bad calls/no calls enough said. Who are you rooting for?

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