A man's cheesy crime has had some devastating consequences.

A judge has barred a 49-year-old man from Sebastian, Fla. from ordering pizza.

Randy Riddle - yes, he sounds like a villain from a Disney Junior show -- had been charged with a variety of crimes for calling local pizza parlors and then refusing to pay for his orders, as well as calling in orders to fake or vacant locations and calling the establishments to say he didn't like their pizza. All told, Riddle's antics cost the restaurants $667 in food that he never actually paid for.

Calling in an order to an address that doesn't exist is a classic joke -- "classic," if you're a 13-year-old boy on a Saturday night in pre-caller ID 1986 when you think it's hysterical to send a large pepperoni to the biggest nerd in your grade and then can't even see the look of confusion when his dad answers the door without having to pay. You may want to play a joke, but in worst case scenario, you've sent pizza to someone's house and no one is ever really annoyed by that.

Riddle wasn't just content with calling the pizza places, either. He also called police, town hall and the department of health to complain in instances deemed harassment.

If Riddle gets a hankering for some pizza, may we recommend he take a road trip and use this ATM? Or perhaps he need to find a more creative way to get a pizza.

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