Sometimes when things are a little rough, the best medicine is a good old fashion scream. Just let those vocal cords go to town, hit the highest pitch you could possibly reach-- give those Scream Queens a run for their money.


One teacher by the name of Chris Gollmar created an outlet to do just that. JustScream! is a hotline where people can let it all out for a brief moment. The hotline launched two weeks prior to Election Day and will end January 21st, the day after President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration.





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Gollmar explained the meaningful purpose behind JustScream!

This project was really meant to reflect a single point in time, that period between election and inauguration when—in addition to all the stress we're already feeling because of the pandemic—there is heightened political anxiety in the US.

The hotline has been quite a hit. Many people have taken advantage of a quick outlet to extort some of their pent up anger, frustration, fear, stress, and any of their emotion they have balled up.

The hotline may have gained some traction with the help of TikTok Users have been posting videos of themself screaming with the hashtag #JustScream.





Although the hotline will no longer be recording new screams after January 21st, the JustScream! The site will still have all the previous scream recordings archived and available to listen to at any given time. The site has a section for the newest screams, screams with laughs, RAWRS, hopeful messages, and my favorite- people singing/screaming the Lion King's 'The Circle of Life.'

If you need to get a good scream out feel free to call the hotline at 1-561-567-8431

It's great; it's all just really great.

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