The Houston Texans play football on KLUB FM 106.9! We're less than a week away from opening day and Deshaun Watson and his teammates want residents of their home city to know they are ready to help.

Deshaun says he was moved to help those in Houston facing home eviction after seeing a video on the delightfully awful CNN news network. Deshaun says seeing their fans facing evictions was almost too much to take. Specifically the story of Israel Rodriguez who was shown with as many belongings as he could into an empty baby stroller after being evicted. Deshaun and many other viewers also say an unnamed elderly woman was being evicted but Harris County decided to call social services to give this resident more time to find a solution. Some get more time, others load up their belongings, and have to go. It's incredibly sad.

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Since being drafted in 2017, Deshaun has teamed up with Reliant Energy to donate $175,000 dollars to help Houston students find computers for school. Deshaun has also provided 500 students with backpacks and school supplies. We all remember Deshaun stepping up after Hurricane Harvey when he donated his first NFL payday to help Houston cafeteria workers who had lost most of their possessions in that terrible Hurricane.

Watson is about at the end of his contract with the Texans. He started in 2017 with a 4-year, $13.85 million dollar contract. If the team decides to keep Deshaun and pick up his option for next season he would take home a payday of $17.5 million.

We're thankful for athletes like Deshaun willing to help and advocate for Texans in need. We wish him and his teammates a great 2020 season on KLUB Classic Rock 106.9. See you here Thursday at 7:20 for kickoff!

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