San Antonio artist Jake of Dank Customs has brought a whole new level of love to Texas burger chain Whataburger.

Jake designed a pair of Nike's emblazoned with yummy goodness. And by yummy goodness, of course, I mean Whataburger. The custom Nike Low Dunk shoes are decked out in white and orange (Whataburger's colors in case you live under a rock outside of Texas) and even come complete with the Whataburger logo on the back.

Jake originally designed the shoes about 3 years ago but Whataburger recently caught wind of them and posted a picture of the shoes on it's Twitter page. Jake says he's shocked by all the attention the shoes have gotten but no plans are in the works to make any more.

The cost of the shoes? Well, nobody knows for sure considering Dank Customs owns the only pair in existence. Maybe Jake needs to mass produce these puppies for the public.

Would you sport a pair?

Make mine a double.


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