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It's might be one of the most 'Texas' DIY family projects we have seen all spring. How cool would it be to have your own Whataburger playhouse?

I caught a glimpse of what I first thought was a 'Whataburger' themed lemonade stand on mysanantonio.com, but it turns out it's a tiny Whataburger playhouse built by this super fun Texas family who lives near Austin, in the community of Pflugerville.

Danae and Ian Klingspor are huge fans of both H-E-B and Whataburger. Sounds like a great Texas family to me. Their 1-year-old son also shares his parent's love for the two totally Texas destinations so his folks built a pint-sized version of a Whataburger restaurant to play in at home.

The little guy's birthday party took place earlier this year and no sooner did they bring the playhouse out to the driveway when his friends started to arrive to check it out.

The build took a few weeks but it turned into a fun project for neighbors to work on together, and soon the One-A-Burger playhouse was coming together. They used framing lumber, and plywood to create the A-frame for the playhouse. They made sure to make it big enough for Mom to be able to get inside as well.

The folks at Whataburger eventually saw this amazing playland and shared it on social media with the tag "Playhouse Goals".

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