This is the kind of stuff that I love to see. The next generation embracing our Tejano and Conjunto culture and a big part of this is thanks to La Joya ISD in South Texas.  Palmview High School currently has the most successful Mariachi and Conjunto programs in the state.  This kind of program inspires talent, passion, and tradition in our youth. Check out this Tejano music video featuring the Palmview High School Tejano/Conjunto group La Tradicion with the song entitled "Cierra Esa Boquita”. It is INCREDIBLE. 

Speaking of the next generation, the Ybarra Boyz are youngsters making a name for themselves in Tejano music...

29th Anniversary: Selena’s Last Concert Also Featured Emilio Navaira

Selena Quintanilla-Perez performed her final show on February 26,1995 at the Astrodome during Rodeo Houston.  This is the concert that gave us that iconic purple Selena jumpsuit with over 61,000 fans in attendance.  She wasn't the only Tejano legend to take the stage. Emilio Navaira opened for Selena at that legendary show.  Rest in Peace to two Tejano legends.  Selena also performed at the Houston Rodeo in 1993 as well.

[VINTAGE FOOTAGE] When Emilio and Selena Represented Coca Cola

I love finding Tejano nostalgia and reliving the memories. Thanks to Carlos Guerra the 'Mixmaster' for sharing this photo.  It takes us back to a time when Tejano music was really 'mainstream.' In the photo, you see young Selena and Emilio representing Tejanos for one of the largest companies in the world, Coca-Cola!   Selena signed with Coke when she was 18 after was spotted by a Coke representative in 1989 at the Tejano Music Awards. Check out her Coca-Cola commercial below.

As for Emilio, not only was he s spokesperson for Coke. Emilio also had endorsements with Wrangler and Miller Lite. The Miller Lite Slogan 'Life is Good' was also the name of Emilio's 1st crossover Country Album. Emilio had a show in Victoria, shortly after the release of his 'Life is Good' country album was released at the Sun Valley Ranch.

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For a Crossover Tejano artist, his music did very well on the Country charts with 'It's Not the End of the World' peaking at #27 and 'Even If I Tried' peaking at #41. He did play those songs and most of his Country hits that night but Emilio's Tejano and Proud roots were the focal points of this show. Emilio was the true King of Tejano or as Tejano's know him 'El Rey de Rodeo.'

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