We hear about parents leaving kids in a hot car by accident, but this woman locked herself and her child in the car allegedly on purpose.

People have several questions about Adriane Grace Moss' actions this past Saturday. Over in Austin, temperatures peaked at 104 degrees. She was sitting in her car passed out, along with her 10-year-old son. The car was not turned on and luckily, her son was resourceful enough to get her phone and call 911.

He was trying to wake her up and get her to open a window. He can be heard on the 911 call trying to do this. According to court documents, she could be heard saying 'no.'

As she was being interviewed by Austin Police Department, authorities said Moss ignored their questions, stumbled when moving and smelled like alcohol, the arrest affidavit detailed. The boy estimates they were in the car around an hour.

Police charging her with abandoning or endangering a child. Moss has since been released from Travis County Jail after posting bond for $15,000.



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