This guy loves to steal meat, just like the lovable McDonald's Hamburglar.

It looks like over in Corpus Cristi, the local police have had a few run ins with 34-year-old Israel Loredo. He has been dubbed the Coastal Area Meat Theif. Israel has been busted at several different supermarkets in the area stealing meat. He was seen on surveillance video stealing over $180 of meat from their H-E-B store. He would allegedly stuff the meat in his pants to hide it from the employees.

Is that a rack of ribs in your pants or are you just happy to see me Mr. Loredo? Investigators believe they can tie Loredo to other meat thefts in the area. While a warrant was being issued for his arrest with the Ingleside Police Department. Loredo was arrested on May 27, 2020, by the Corpus Christ Police Department for stealing steak and shrimp from ANOTHER H-E-B in Corpus Christi.

The Ingleside Police Department had some fun in sharing the story on Facebook comparing him to the Hamburglar. You can check out that full post above. Just be lucky he wasn't caught like the Krusty Burglar. Homer Simpson pretty much beat him to death.

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