Virginia Vela-Torres, 45, from San Antonio has been arrested for stealing from toddlers. Really? In a Facebook post from the San Antonio Police Department,  Vela is accused of stealing charm bracelets from a 3-year-old and two 4-year-old victims while she was working at a southside San Antonio daycare. According to the post, one of the victims spoke out to her mother following the incident, stating that Vela had taken off her charm bracelet and kept it.


During the investigation, detectives learned that Vela had pawned the charm bracelet and had also previously pawned another charm bracelet from another child. Detectives discovered the third victim as well. The victim's parents were able to identify the stolen bracelets. Vela-Torres was arrested without incident on the west side of San Antonio. The theft of a person is a state jail felony.

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Here is the latest scam making the rounds in Victoria.  Scammers are currently calling Victorian's claiming to be Border Patrol or FBI. They are saying there is a vehicle registered to your name and try and convince you to send money to get you out of trouble. This scam follows the same patterns as the Social Security scam and IRS scam. People still fall for these types of scams all of the time and they seem to be happening more frequently during the holidays. The best thing to do with these calls is to HANG UP! Stay safe and don't send money or gift cards

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