New Yorker in Texas

A hilarious and super relatable TikTok is going viral right now. A math teacher named Ms.Wolf took TikTok to share her experience as a native New Yorker moving to the Lone Star state. @mswolfmath posted a bizarre TikTok pointing out some very big differences she noticed as she began to plant her feet in Texas and start living in a new state.

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Drive Big

As a New Yorker, the streets are a convenient way of traveling. However, in big ol' Texas, we have to drive. While we are driving, blinkers tend to be optional. She mentioned the lack of blinkers used and also the eagerness to cut someone off.

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I cannot vouch for the blinkers or cutting off but she made a good observation about the type of vehicles we drive. "All drive unnecessarily large pick-up trucks," that's fair. That is something that still blows my mind as someone who grew up in Los Angeles, seeing the number of lifted trucks is interesting.

I Pledge Allegiance To Texas

Now this one is new to me, Ms. Wolf is a teacher so this is something she is very aware of. In the TikTok video, Ms. Wolf is surprised when Texas schoolchildren recite the Texas pledge after the American pledge. Honestly, as a teacher from out of state, what do you do??? Mumble or lip-sync the pledge tilly ou learn it?

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She goes on to point out the obsession with kolaches and of course HEB. She says there is a cult following for our beloved store-and she is not exactly wrong. Shoutout to HEB we love you!

Yes Ma'am No Ma'am

One of the most relatable points she made is the feeling she has about the word ma'am. In Texas, children are raised to say yes ma'am' 'No ma'am' that is just the way things are. It is manners and we have to have them. But she points out the word is actually sort of offensive. Ma'am where she is from is for an older woman and to call somebody ma'am who is younger is insulting because it insinuates they are old.

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That is super relatable because in California we did not call people ma'am for those reasons exactly. If you called a 30 something-year-old female a 'ma'am' they would look at you crazy. For Texans, it is manners, for anyone else, it's rude.

Check out the hilarious video below.

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