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Earlier this week it was the folks over at DeTar Hospital Navarro who had a chance to serve up free donuts to our local EMS workers as part of National EMS Week. Victoria Fire Department's Firefighter/EMT Justin Tunchez, Detar EMS Liaison Holly Smith, Lt Allen Carroll, DeTar Director of Clinical Outreach Rhonda Reeder, Firefighter/EMT Ranson Moore, and Fire Medic Roman Mancias can all be seen enjoying that moment in the photo above.

Thank an EMS Worker During National EMS Week

I have nothing but respect and admiration for folks who choose to become EMS workers. My father was a firefighter and paramedic for 30 years and several other members of my family have worked in the medical field helping others as well. Seeing the photo above provided by the City of Victoria is another reminder to all of us to stop and say thank you when you see one of these special people around town this week. Drop off your own donuts at the firehouse, maybe a brisket? Whatever you would like to do to let them know we appreciate all they do for our city and community. Can you imagine the past year of COVID-19 without so many of the front-line workers right here in South Texas? EMS workers make up a huge part of that frontline and that makes this a special week to show our appreciation.

If you happen to be near the Victoria Fire Department this week they have made a tradition out of using EMS workers week to raise funds for their educational and hands-on programs. A donation is always appreciated.

Sign Up for Victoria's Civilian's Responder Program

What a great week to be able to do that. In fact, did you know you can sign up your entire office for a special Civilian's Responder Program which teaches Texans some helpful ways to respond to dangerous or life-threatening situations and emergencies? You can find out more about signing up for this program at www.victoriatx.gov/fire.

Celebrate our EMS Workers Online

The City of Victoria will continue to celebrate these workers through the week with some special EMS-related trivia games happening on their social media page this week. You can find that page here. Trivia winners get a $25 dollar gift card from a local business.

EMS Week will close with the Life-Saving Award breakfast happening next week. The city reports there will be three separate breakfasts during which EMS workers will be recognized for their part in saving lives during a medical emergency.

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