A great memory popped up as I looked through some of my old pictures and videos on my phone. This is a video from a performance at the San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo in 2020! The headliner on that night was Country superstar, Jon Pardi. However, we are in South Texas so David Lee Garza casually joined him on stage to sing one of his biggest hits, 'She Ain't in It.' What an awesome moment to witness!


According to Tejanonet.com, one of Pardi’s best friends is the son of  David Lee Garza’s old schoolmate. The day before the performance, Garza received a phone call from his friend’s son about the possibility of an appearance at the Rodeo The Grammy-winning accordionist was able to arrange his schedule to make the show and create a wonderful moment that really showcased Tejano on one of Country's biggest stages, even if it was for only one song.

Shortly after the performance, David Lee Garza, reflected, “It happened, it was a great experience, They’re great people. Jon Pardi got his whole band backstage, we had a blast. We did those two songs backstage warming up. He said, ‘C’mon let’s grab the accordion, let’s do this’…and the fiddle player and we had a great time.”

David Lee Garza is not the only legend born in Poteet. Also, a guy named, George Strat! Maybe you have heard of the guy LOL.

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