In August, we all learned that the beloved Mr. Gatti's was returning to Victoria. The next big question was naturally, where is it going to be? Well the wait is over. The Mr Gatti's will be located at the old Dunlaps building, 2801 N. Laurent. It is awesome to see more positive growth in the "original" parts of town.  Currently,  there isn't a set timeline for this remodel, we will keep the community updated on the progress and we hope to have a grand opening date set soon. 

“We’re so excited to bring Mr Gatti’s back to Victoria,” said Lupe C Zapata Jr, Mr Gatti’s Pizza franchise owner. “What we want to bring back is something to entertain the whole family. Those who live in Victoria and our surrounding communities will soon find out Mr Gatti’s will be the best pizza in town, honest!” The restaurant will offer a full-service buffet, pick-up services and the beloved game room with attractions.


Mr. Gatti's is the place for so many memories of us growing up here in the Crossroads. From humble beginnings on Navarro to the expansion of the many rooms including the cartoon room. Of course, we can't forget the massive game room that brought us so many great times. If you were a super Mr. Gatti's fan you also know of the smaller location that was located at the Victoria mall for a short time.

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