Hats off to the Texas General Land Office and all the volunteers that picked up tons of trash on Texas beaches this past weekend, what an outstanding job you did! Along with the typical paper trash, empty bottles and cans, cigarette butts and other common items, the volunteers always find some rather unusual items. I'm sure you've walked along the beach and saw something unusual and thought "what in the world is that doing here?" Here's a list of the strangest things found on Texas beaches during the spring cleanup.

The Back seat of a van

Plastic Easter grass

Bean bag chair


Toilet Plunger

Can of mace

Glow sticks

Pregnancy test (was it a used one?)

A Car fender (make and model, please)   


Propane tank

Car key with remote  (I've been looking for that)   

Hard hat

Radio (was it tuned to KLUB Classic Rock 106.9?)

Car seat

HDMI cable

Rusty hammer ( I think I went to high school with him)


High pressure oxygen tank

Sheetrock (That was for my beach house)



Shotgun shells


Metal shelving

Silly string

Computer motherboard

Mouth guard

Synthetic marijuana

Crop dusting bag

Old life jackets


Ping pong ball

US Coast Guard buoy

Entertainment center

Pizza delivery sign


False eyelash (just one?)

Plastic bottle of urine (wait, what?!?)  

What was the most unusual item you've ever seen while walking along the beach?

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