I'm just gonna cut to the chase - there's an Irish style castle in Texas where you can spend a weekend with llamas.

My friend Jenny shared an article by It's a Southern Thing contributor Amber Sutton on Facebook today. Not only was it a welcome sight in my newsfeed, which has been full of political garbage and bizarre Wish ads lately, but LLAMAS!

Here's the rundown:

ShangriLlama in Royse City is home to King Dalai Llama, Barack O'Llama, Como T. Llama, Bahama Llama, Pajama Llama, Drama Llama and Sir Lance-O-Llama.

For $20, you can hang out with the llamas for a bit in their luxury barn and learn neat facts about them. For $50, you can go on a Llama Walk with the royals, also learning neat facts about each one before you get to take photos with them and tour the castle. (You can see a pic of the castle on their homepage.)

They also host parties and weddings, and the parties include llama-themed food and decorations.

Basically, the place is paradise if you're obsessed with llamas, which I have been since The Emperor's New Groove came out years ago. I'm already planning my trip!

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