A group of former employees of Bowlmor Lanes, a company that owns bowling alleys across the country, is claiming that they were fired from the company because they were "too old and too fat."  

Back in 2013, Bowlmor bought the AMF bowling chain and started updating their image with a younger, trendier look.  All of these older employees were fired, and they suspect that it is because they didn't fit the new image. In Bowlmor's new ads, they show a nightclub-like atmosphere, neon lights and all younger people. So yeah, they probably wouldn't have fit in very well.

Bowlmor maintains that each of these employees were fired for cause and that they do not discriminate against age or any other factor.

An attorney has filed a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on behalf of more than 50 former Bowlmor employees who say they were terminated unfairly.

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