Yes, obesity is a problem in the U.S., but this guy is making it work for him.

This video lasts a total of four seconds -- or roughly one second per hundred pounds -- but its impact is stronger than if this guy ate nothing but kale and washed it down it with a celery smoothie for an entire week.

He shows a rather innovative way to hide a gun. Yup, you guessed it -- he tucks it away in the layers of fat that is his stomach. Pretty smart, right? And there's a lot of room there, so you know it won't get in the way of the mayo, burrito and fried chicken he's probably keeping there.

This guy could very well be the face (or stomach) of two of the most hot-button issues in the country today: obesity and gun control. He's fighting the battle of the bulge. We just didn't know you needed to be armed to go into the trenches.

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