As a foodie, I love finding new ways to enjoy food and this one goes to the top of that list. My co-worker says, no way! I, however, cannot wait to try this! Venturas Tamales in Victoria has just added Smothered Carne Guisada Fries! It is french fries smothered in Carne Guisada and Chile con Queso and it looks amazing. It may not be for everybody but it's definitely for me!

Freddy’s Steakburgers and Longhorn Steakhouse are Coming to Victoria!

Freddy's Frozen Custard and Steakburgers will be located in Victoria at 2111 Houston Highway. Located between the Burger King and Grace Funeral Home on Houston Highway. The construction permit for the new Freddy's was issued by the City of Victoria in May of 2023 and construction has sped up!  According to the permit, the new restaurant will be 6,894 square feet. Construction for the Longhorn Steakhouse is also underway near Victoria Mall and will be located next to Red Lobster.


The extreme heat in Texas has people doing some pretty powerful things. Just last week, a Houston area woman baked a loaf of bread in a mailbox. Here is another extreme post from our friends at the US National Weather Service in Midland, Texas.  The picture shows cookies baking on the dashboard of a car. The purpose of the post is to show how dangerously hot it can get inside a parked car with the windows up. According to the post, the temperature got as high as 194 degrees! The cookies were mostly baked after being in the car for over 4 hours.

Here are surprising ways to stay cool this summer!


Have you heard of any of these?

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