We are just a couple of short weeks away from our 2016 Townsquare Media career fair and I only thought it would be fitting to give out a few pointers straight from the hiring companies mouths.  If this is your first career fair here are a couple of helpful tips that can help make you stand out.

1.  Bring multiple copies of your UPDATED resume

Yes, make sure your resume is updated with your latest information (correct address, contact info, employment etc).  Also, bring multiple copies as there will be multiple businesses on hand and each one will probably require a copy of your resume.  If you need a place to go to update or print your resume, try the public library.  They offer print services for cheap.  If you need to make copies, either the Library, or The UPS Store (2 locations on Navarro) can help there.  If you don't have a resume and need to make one, just Google "Free Resume Templates" and there are plenty of options to choose from.

2.  Come dressed and ready for an interview

This is where most people go wrong.  It is important to make that good first impression and you probably won't do so in cargo shorts and flip flops.  Wear business casual attire and make a great first impression.  If you have visible tattoos, make sure they are covered while also letting the potential interviewer know that you do have them but they are easily covered if need be.  Some places allow you to have them but others don't.  Be honest.

3.  Professionalism will go a long way

I can't tell you how many interviews I've been a part of when I worked in the retail sector where potential candidates answered questions with "Yeah" or "Nuh uh".  Be respectful.  Say "Yes" or "No", make eye contact, sit up straight, don't fidget, shake hands and thank the interviewer for their time...you know...the basics.  Professionalism goes further than you might think.  You're trying to sell yourself as the best possible candidate after all.

4.  Come alone

Sure, I get that you and your buddy might be out of work together and you decide to car pool to the career fair.  And that's fine.  No problem there.  However, once inside it's probably a good idea to separate and go your own way.  Sure, the moral support is nice to have but you shine better on your own.

5. Leave the kids at home

This kind of goes along with come alone but I feel it's important to mention on it's own.  I understand it might be hard to find a babysitter, I get that.  However, nobody will give you a second glance if you have an interview with a fussy baby on your lap or a hungry toddler running around.  If you get the job, you're going to have to arrange for babysitting anyway right?  Might as well get a jump start on that early.  Come alone so your sole focus is on landing that job.

If you follow these 5 easy steps, you increase your chances of landing that job.  And there will be plenty of great companies on hand looking to fill full and part time positions.  Some of them include:

Ashley Homestore,Devereaux Foundation, Stevens Nursing & Rehabilitation of Halletsville, Port Lavaca Nursing & Rehabilitation and the City of Victoria just to name a few with more added everyday.  Keep checking back for an updated list of companies.

We hope to see you at the Townsquare Media Career Fair. Thursday, October 20th from 9-1 at Homewood Suites on Zac Lentz Pkwy in Victoria.




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