Bluto: Christ. Seven years of college down the drain. Might as well join the ****ing Peace Corps.

-Animal House
Ah yes, Faber College. Everybody remembers that classic movie starring John Belushi that depicted college life in the 60's. If you don't remember it or have never seen it, I highly recommend that you watch it as soon as possible. But seriously, college is nothing like Animal House, and most students take their education seriously. And since I have kids that are at the age to go to college, I thought this list from Wallethub of the Top 10 Colleges and Universities in Texas was interesting. Based on metrics including admission rate, racial diversity, graduation rate and other factors, here are te state's top 10. Note-#10 on the list has a campus right here in Victoria. Go college!
Top 10 Colleges & Universities in Texas
1. Rice University
2. UT-Austin
3. Trinity University
4. Texas A&M-College Station
5. Southwestern University
6. Austin College
7. LeTourneau University
8. Southern Methodist University
9. UT-Dallas
10. University of Houston

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