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Since my daughter has been home from college, I have been hearing her talk about random things that she sees on social media.

Today, she came across a post that she just kept laughing at.  When I asked what she was laughing at, she told me it was a post from an SFA student asking what everyone's poorest college moment was. In case you didn't know, SFA is Stephen F Austin University in Nacogdoches.  My daughter will be returning in the Fall for her sophomore year. #axeemjacks

I am sure we all have memories back from college, where we just didn't have enough money.  Maybe you were living on Ramen and crackers,  paying for gas with change, or eating the same thing for weeks at a time.  They might have been the toughest times financially, but I wouldn't change those memories for anything.  They made us who we are today.

With that being said, check out how today's kids are responding to this question.

Share your poorest college moment below, we could feature you in a future article.

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