Actually, that headline is a little bit misleading, because it was the one with the most teeth that ended up in hot water this time. A 33 yr old Naples, Florida woman faces burglary with assault or battery charges, after allegedly breaking into a neighbor's home, and refusing to leave. It all started innocently enough, as Tina S. Gonzales was celebrating her son's birthday, as any loving, upstanding mom would, by getting tanked up on hard liquor and beer. No problem so far, right? Read on...

According to police reports,that's when Gonzales decided it would be a good idea to enter her neighbor's apartment without permission.  After being asked to leave a number of times, Gonzales threw a piece of her son's birthday cake at her neighbor, hitting her in the head, and then punching the woman on the side of her head, causing a small laceration. Not finished with the assault, Gonzales then pinned the woman, grabbed her hair, and bit her on the inside of the arm leaving bite marks. Police had no trouble matching the bite marks to Gonzales, especially since the "other subjects that were present either had only a few teeth, or none at all."

Yep, nothing like a little hard liquor to liven up any old boring kids birthday party, right?

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