Early Disturbing Police Calls

Early Monday morning Victoria Police Department was dispatched on a disturbing call. Just minutes after 4:00 am, the Shell gas station off of Port Lavaca Hwy encountered a problem.

Early Morning Gas Station Scene

A customer walked in at approximately 4:04 am and grabbed a beer. He then attempted to leave the store without paying for his item. The Shell employee confronted the customer asking for payment.

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That's When Things Turned

The customer took out a knife and began to wave it at the employee. Thankfully, things did not escalate and the customer took off on his bicycle.


Shocking Details

When police were dispatched to the scene they quickly located the subject and pursued a short chase. The subject quickly gave up and was shockingly identified as a 14-year-old boy.

Child Detained and Taken In

The 14-year-old boy who had stolen beer was taken into the Victoria County Juvenile Detention Center. According to the Victoria Police Department,  the child was taken in for Aggravated Robbery and Evading. Due to age, the child's name has not been released.

Alternatives To Pointing a Finger

Adolescence is a rough time. It's also a crucial time to be there for a child. Crimes and violence can occur at a young age, but instead of pointing a finger at the child or parent, there's an alternative.

Learn How To Help


Of course, some things are completely out of our hands, however, there are ways to help those who need them. Kids act out, it's natural but when things get out of hand that's when it's time to step it up.

Therapy and counseling are great options, and there are plenty in the Crossroads. Be understanding and for the love of everything DO NOT YELL. I learned this early on in motherhood and it has been an absolute life-changer. You can check out the psychological effects yelling has on children HERE.

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