As we move into the second week of October the tropics are still very active and by week's end, we will see another Hurricane move into a position to threaten the Gulf Coast of the United States.

This time it's Hurricane Delta currently moving West Northwest at 16 MPH with maximum sustained winds of 115 mph. By the time it makes landfall, Delta is expected to be a Cat 1 or 2 hurricane. Landfall is looking like somewhere on the Louisiana Coast on Friday evening.

Oct 6 National Hurricane Center Advisory 8 for Hurricane Delta NOAA

The National Hurricane Center is now issuing advisories on Hurricane Delta as it moves over the Caribbean Sea and approaches the Gulf of Mexico. As of 11 AM Tuesday, Delta had rapidly strengthened into a Category 4 Hurricane.

Delta will have to move over land and the Yucutan Pennisula before it heads back out over the Gulf of Mexico on its way to the US Gulf Coast. We will be watching this storm closely throughout the week. Download our station app now so you can receive any weather-related alerts as this storm moves closer to us. While Delta is expected to make landfall in Louisiana at this time, that could change quickly.

Oct 6 National Hurricane Center Advisory 8 for Hurricane Delta NOAA Tropical Winds

Tropical force winds from Hurricane Delta could begin to impact the Crossroads by Thursday evening into Friday.

The week ahead in the Crossroads will feature sunny skies and temps near 90 degrees. By Friday rain chances will be on the increase as Hurricane Delta could bring rounds of thunderstorms to the area as it approaches landfall.

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