Awesome, one my childhood fears is actually a reality.

Growing up as a kid watching cartoons. I thought quick sand and volcanoes would be a greater occurrence in my daily life. Turns out, they're pretty much non existent. You may have seen a promo for a show called Lonestar 911 where a volcano explodes in Austin.

If you're anything like me, you were probably like AUSTIN HAS VOLCANOES? Turns out, yes. The state has around 200 volcanoes. Good news though, none of them are active. This still does not comfort my childhood fear. Linda McCall, an information geologist at the University of Texas at Austin says the last time a volcano erupted in Texas was about 30 million years ago in the Trans Pecos region.

“The Davis, Christmas, Bofecitos, and Chinati Mountains are all volcanic. In South and Central Texas, there are many remnants of marine volcanoes that were present in the shallow seas about 80 million years ago. An example is Pilot Knob in Travis County and there are many others near Uvalde,” McCall said.

I guess I can calm down knowing that these volcanoes have not erupted for tens of millions of years. However, this does not mean that I still won't be thinking about this happening all the time now. I got enough to deal with in this state during tornado season. Now you're telling me we have volcanoes? Can't catch a weather break in Texas.

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