Two metal fans were removed from a campus tour at Colorado State University after a parent called police claiming the two men looked "suspicious," saying that their clothing featured some "dark stuff."

The two Native Americans -- 19-year-old Thomas Kanewakeron Gray and his brother 17-year-old Lloyd Skanahwati Gray -- were wearing Cattle Decapitation and Archspire shirts, when they were removed from the tour and questioned by police. Watch the video in the player above from the body cam of CSU campus police. The 911 call can be heard here.

The Grey brothers saved up their money and made a seven-hour drive from New Mexico to CSU to join a campus tour for prospective students. Their visit was cut short when a "nervous" parent called 911 claiming they were "definitely not" a part of their tour. She added that their behavior was "odd" and that they wouldn't answer her questions.

The metal fans were pulled out of the tour, patted down and questioned by police. By the time police were done with them, the two were unable to meet back up with the tour group. The brothers were forced to drive all the way back home to New Mexico without a proper tour of the University.

CSU President Dr. Tony Franks released a statement apologizing for the incident calling it “sad and frustrating from nearly every angle.” He added, "Two young men, through no fault of their own, wound up frightened and humiliated because another campus visitor was concerned about their clothes and overall demeanor, which appears to have simply been shyness. The very idea that someone – anyone – might 'look' like they don’t belong on a CSU Admissions tour is anathema."

The university is in full damage control mode and states they have attempted to get in touch with the family, offering a full VIP tour with all expenses paid while also reimbursing them for their original tour. CSU also took to Twitter to address the incident saying the school will review the incident and how they can be "avoided or handled differently in the future." See the tweets below.

Cattle Decapitation caught wind of the metal discrimination and took to Facebook to offer the two brothers "free guest list spots to our shows for life."

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