Just when you thought Nickelback couldn't be dragged through the mud anymore....in comes the U.S. Army.

An Army post in Washington State was surprised to get a memo from their commanding officer stating that from here on out there will be no playing of Nickelback anywhere on post. To be fair he also mentioned Slipknot, Creed, Korn and Smashmouth.

The memo has rocked the world of many military music fans, many of whom aren’t happy with their bands being mentioned on the list. Back in November, a Canadian police department tried to prevent drunk driving by threatening to force offenders to listen to Nickelback. The Kensington Police Service on Prince Edward Island later apologized after a band spokesman complained.

At the end of the day it was determined that the memo was in fact real however the sentiment was tongue in cheek as the Commander was trolling a few of his soldiers. Good to know the Army has a sense of humor.

The soldiers are free to play all the Nickelback they want.....although why would you want to?

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