Trashing Texas Towns

There are hilarious TikToks floating around absolutely trashing Texas towns. It's kind of alright because it's from a resident of Texas, so it's all fun and games until you realize...he isn't wrong...

Victoria Fell Victim

@Ralphthecomedian has a series of TikToks dedicated to pointing out the flaws of cities all around Texas, and Victoria is not safe from the criticism. He name drops big and small cities, leaving many people laughing in agreeance.

Victoria was called out for the lack of things to do. We get it, the residents say the same thing, it just hurts more when someone from another part of Texas says it...

"Cities in Texas You Don't Wanna Visit"

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The user name drops Victoria in part 2 of his "Cities in Texas You Don't Wanna Visit." He immediately goes HAM on Victoria saying, "Victoria: The only place where the birds fly upside down because there ain't nothing worth sh*tting on." He goes on to explain our hobbies include, "Victoria Chillin' grillin' and watching the grass grow," that's a low blow, Ralph.

Port Arthur, Texas

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But dont worry, Victoria isn't the only place catching Ralph's fury. Port Arthur, Texas has landed on his list too. With refineries being a huge part of that city he points out, "If you like breathing fresh air, don't come out here." Okay, well maybe he isn't too far off on that one.

Odessa, Texas

Poor Odessa, Texas was the main star of his hilarious joke, "If you ain't ever been to Odessa just picture being inside of a Little Ceasers box; it's gonna be hot and oily." Why can I FEEL what it likes to be in Odessa now...

Midland, Texas

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Midland, Texas you're up next. Another refinery city, Ralph thinks it's the only thing it's got going on because he says, "unless you're interested in the oil industry then you're in the right place because they got more oil than cookout has foil." I mean all I heard was money money money.

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Lufkin, Texas

Lufkin, Texas, a place I have apparently have never had the displeasure of visiting. "Boy if your want to have fun, just leave Lufkin because there ain't a damn thing to do dawg," maybe it won't land on my road trip list.

To be more specific, Texans love their brisket. Man, oh man, I have never seen such critics when it comes to BBQ, though. You can smoke that baby to perfection, and the neighborhood BBQ dad will never be.

Of course, he couldn't throw Lufkin on the list and NOT mention the Blue Bell incident. "The home of where that chick started that ice cream trend." You know, that one ridiculously disgusting trend that had people licking the top of Blue Bell ice cream tubs. "Have them locking up Blue Bell ice cream..." Ralph, you may have a point on this one, YUCK.

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