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How about a shout-out to some of our great volunteers with the Victoria Police Officers Association? Thank you for all you do to help make Victoria a great place to live, work, and have fun with our families.

Back on April 2nd, The Victoria Police Officers Association delivered Easter baskets to children in local hospitals and foster care. They provided over 50 baskets to help brighten the season for so many kids. Their countless service projects and donations are an invaluable service and they are about to start in on another project that will benefit the city's emergency response time.

The Victoria Police Officers Association's Curb-Painting Service Project:

According to a press release from the city, the volunteers who make up the VPDO will be going door to door (in requested neighborhoods) to ask residents if they want to have their curbside painted. The volunteers will paint reflective address numbers along the curb to assist first responders and to improve emergency response time. The service is 100% free to the resident but donations are always accepted to help with the program.

How to Opt-In for Curb-Painting Service:

To sign up for the curb-painting service, or to donate to the cause, residents can reach out to the VPOA via email at victoriapoa.306@gmail.com. Residents can also head over to the Victoria Police Officers Association and Blue Santa page on social media.

The group plans to do the curb painting on a quarterly basis updating several neighborhoods within the city of Victora.

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