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Victoria Police and Fire Fighters spent the weekend delivering bottled water to those in need throughout the city of Victoria.

Crossroadstoday.com reports that it was City Manager Jesus Garza who had got a tip about residents at a local apartment complex who could not get enough water he enlisted the help of our local police and first responders.

Water was brought to Victoria Station Apartments and to the Victoria Housing Authority. When I got home on Monday afternoon, residents at my apartment complex were trying to fill up jugs and pitchers of water from the outside spouts along with the building as the water was no longer coming out of the sinks inside the units.

To help make deliveries to apartments that did not have any water, the city enlisted the help of 13 different agencies that are a regular part of helping the community and non-profits. We thank everyone who gave up their free time this weekend to help out our neighbors.

The city announced on Sunday that the water pressure throughout Victoria had been restored and that residents would no longer need to boil water before drinking it. If it has been a while since you ran the water from your faucet you may need to let the water run for a little while before it looks normal.

Just after the announcement that the boil order had been lifted, I decided to test it out. I filled up my coffee pot 7 times before the water stopped coming out of the faucet looking like milk. Others may find they need to run the water a bit and it will be good as new shortly.

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