The family that rocks together, stays together — as evidenced by brothers and veteran performers Carmine and Vinny Appice, set to release a new LP together with their sensibly named band, Appice.

Titled Sinister and due to arrive in stores tomorrow, the new Appice album adds another chapter to a 40-year career for the brothers, both of whom have long ranked among the most in-demand session drummers and band members in rock. Promising "a great-sounding, spine-shaking rhythmic foundation, along with big giant melodic guitars from hell, and on top blazing vocals and melodies that will tear it all up," Carmine and Vinny explain that the decision to record their first joint LP was inspired by the shows they've hosted together in recent years, previously captured on 2014's Drum Wars — Live! release.

As the record makes its way to fans, the duo has released a new video for the album's second track, "Monsters and Heroes," which Carmine describes as a tribute to Ronnie James Dio's legacy. Featuring vocals and lyrics from Quiet Riot veteran Paul Shortino, the track holds a special significance for both brothers; as Vinny explains, "'Monsters and Heroes' is special song that was inspired by the greatest singer and person in rock -- my friend Ronnie James Dio. This is a special tribute to the man who gave us such great music and words and also took the time for all his fans who he loved."

Watch the video for "Monsters and Heroes" above, look over the complete track listing for Sinister below and keep up with Appice's tour schedule at the band's official site.

Appice, 'Sinister' Track Listing
"Monsters and Heroes"
"Killing Floor"
"Drum Wars"
"In the Night"
"Future Past"
"You Got Me Running"
"Bros in Drums"
"War Cry"
"Sabbath Mash"


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