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Rich Walker

There's leaks in them thar lines! And as a result, Victoria's Public Works Department is asking residents to conserve water today as crews work to repair at least four major water leaks in the City’s water system. The leaks were caused by the ground shifting as cool weather and heavy rains are saturating the ground. One large 12-inch and one large 16-inch water main lines broke during the early morning hours today, along with two 6-inch water lines.


Citizens are asked to cut any non-essential water use for the rest of today. Residents with automatic lawn sprinkler systems are urged to turn those systems off.

Director of Public Works Director Donald Reese says this is a precautionary measure to ensure the City has enough water to service our citizens’ needs and to ensure we have plenty of water for fire services, adding we may experience more water leaks in the next day or two due to the heavy rainfall forecast for the area.
For more information, please call Public Works at 485-3381.

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