Have some fun and score some unique treasures at the Theatre Victoria rummage sale this weekend! The event begins at 4 PM on Friday until 7 PM that evening, and again on Saturday from 8 AM to Noon.

If there was ever a cool place to score discounts on costumes, wigs, shoes, fabric, props, furniture, tools, it's right here. Imagine some of the treasures you might be able to go home with?

Need some tables or chairs? They have a bunch to choose from! These can turn into fun creative projects for those who like to restore or upgrade furniture and turn it into something new.

If its shoes and accessories you're after, look no further. Think of all the different costumes that have been a part of the productions at Theatre Victoria. Here's your chance to pick through them all. Looks like they have a little bit of everything from shoes to sandals to boots.

It's even 'Tool Time' during the rummage sale at Theatre Victoria! They need to move these tools outta there and you will probably find some items at rock bottom prices! That's half the fun of looking around a rummage sale.

OMG, it's Santa's chair! Are you part of a group or organization that hosts holiday events? You could grab this special chair for Santa to sit in that is perfect for photos during the holidays. The rest of the year it will just make people think you and Santa go way back! After all, you've got his chair!

Theatre Victoria is located at 1403 North Liberty Street in Victoria. Head over to their Facebook page for more info.

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