Man, I really hate sharks.  I don't mean in that leisurely kind of hatred either, the way you might hate the New York Yankees.  Sharks do NOTHING good for people. 

I want them dead.  All of them.

Don't give me that crap about how killing them off would be messing up the ecosystem.  Screw'em.  What have sharks ever done for you, except make you afraid to swim in the ocean?  And perhaps provide a little entertainment for a week every summer on the Discovery Channel.

Let me answer that question for you...Nothing.  That's what.

If there's truly an animal with evil in it's heart, incapable of knowing's a friggin' shark.

My wife has attempted for years to get me to go into one of those little cages under the water with her.  That's just stupid, if ya ask me.  And it's not something I'll let her big brown eyes talk me into.  I'm already missing half of my middle finger from a dog attack.  I think I'll stop there.

Now my thoughts are known, I will direct you to an article that could save your life or at least your limbs.  This is Travel & Leisure Magazines list of the the Ten worst beaches for shark attacks in the world.  Read up and take heed.

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